Toyota Aygo BF21VML

Salvage Check confirms description of the loss but also a surprising mileage reading.

Our client was interested in buying this Cat N Toyota Aygo which was listed on Autotrader. Our client purchased our £2.95 salvage auction image check, the initial check revealed auction data was available and we provided the images in a separate email following in-house check.

He was looking for confirmation of the nature of the Cat N marker a the advert stated no accident damage had been sustained.

The salvage auction images provided our client with reassurance that the loss was indeed due to theft.

It is sadly becoming a common trend for vehicles to be stripped of components whilst parked in order to facilitate a repair of another total loss vehicle.

Whilst reviewing the salvage auction images our client noted that the mileage at the time of the loss was 45486, this some 33,000 miles higher than the mileage listed on the Autotrader advert.

The true mileage significantly reduced the vehicles value and with no service history with vehicle are client decided to look elsewhere.

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