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Our salvage check can help you figure out if your next used car is a salvage sensation or a pile of scrap

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How our service works

Free Car Check

Our free vehicle check confirms important data about the vehicle including

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Choose between salvage images, full history data or our advanced check & qualified engineers report.

Get the Full Picture

Our advanced check & engineers report provides data & engineering knowledge not available with any other check.

Free Salvage Check

We can help you find your salvage sensation! offers a unique service to UK car buyers who are looking to purchase Cat S or Cat N insurance write off’s. We provide access to various data sources to get a clear picture of the vehicles past.

Our advanced check includes a bespoke engineers report giving an expert review of all the available data by a qualified vehicle damaged assessor.


Definitely worth the money spent on the report & follow-up conversation. I would highly recommend this company & the service they offer. 

– Jo – Fiat 500


I found it hard to believe this Cat N vehicle had only a small dent to the front. Your service gave me an understanding of the true extent of the damage.

– Sam – Nissan Qashqai

Are you looking to buy a damaged vehicle and repair it yourself ? We an also help!


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